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These are the major departments in The Kenya Scouts Association

Communications and ICT Department

It promotes and enhance the Kenya Scouts Association's Corporate Affairs and improves communications nationally and internationally. It also consistently highlight the numerous activities and programs undertaken by the youth while facilitating an atmosphere that engages the IR adoption and acquisition of ICT to further development of interpersonal skills.

Youth Programme

The department works towards providing a vibrant programme that responds to the needs and aspirations of the youth. The youth programme is very dynamic to offer significant challenges in meeting youths ever-changing needs and desires. It guides, directs, educates, informs and seeks to mould young men and women into thoughtful yet critical members of society.

Training & Development

The department offers qualitative, relevant and need-based training and support for all adults in scouting through the hands of competent trainers that facilitate the assimilation of essential life skills and techniques necessary in supporting the consumption of the youth programme by the scouts.

Camps and Sites

Provides the Association with functional camping and training centres in all Counties with a vision to create sustainable income. It also provides clients with recreational facilities that create an intimate and immersive outdoor experience that nourishes scouts with vital life skills and expertise.


The department is tasked with applying the risk management principles to manage security threats during scouts activities and safeguard the Association's assets. This is done by assessing the effectiveness of existing controls to face threats, determine the consequence(s), rating the likelihood and impact, classifying the type of risk and selecting an appropriate risk option or risk response.

Partnership & Resource Mobilization

Its mandate is to connect, create, seek alignment, advancing and increasing opportunities for impact and sustainability. It optimises resource mobilisation by engaging like-minded organisations through innovations and adaptations to enhance the quality of the youth programme by KSA.